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According to the announcement from Mrs. Diane Greene of Google at an event on cloud computing technology in San Francisco recently, this giant has now spent over 10 billion dollars for this business only separately in 2015.

But it is still only the surface of the iceberg. Google has set up a giant plan to spend extra billions of dollars for the construction of data centers around the world until 2017.

Also during the event, the other senior executives of Google, including Eric Schmidt, discussed strategies to attack the cloud computing market: automation.

Automation means that while companies can rent servers, storage and system resources from Google, the company is actively promoting these services to programmers with needs.

With Apps Engine, one of the cloud services currently offered by Google, the programmers can contain their applications on Google's data centers without having to worry about things such as server configuration settings or network connectivity between services when operating the application.

Greene said: "Everything will operate miraculously".

Programmers can do similar things with Amazon's cloud services or other providers including Salesforce to simplify their operation process. This is the type of platform as a service (PaaS).

But Amazon has built a major business segment: servers, data storage and hourly system leasing while leaving customers to install their programs. Therefore, the companies renting Amazon's servers and system instead of building data centers for themselves are becoming increasingly popular. This type of service is called infrastructure as a service (IaaS).

The total capital to invest in technology each year of the big giants in the IT industry reached $ 3.5 trillion. But in return, Google also won lucrative contracts with major clients such as Disney or Coca-Cola.

The introduction of new products of Google is also to serve the privacy or providing the features that this large market needs.

Eric Schmidt also said that the new generation of companies like Uber or Snapchat would no longer operate in the way that the technology company had previously done. And Google's long-term vision is to help these companies develop on its cloud platform as well as the way that Netflix emerged from the Amazon cloud platform.

Companies will no longer need IT staff

Google's ambition is to help companies get rid of the burden on IT teams. In other words, in the future, applications and technology services will automatically work. Businesses no longer have to worry about whether the server or the system can operate smoothly or not.

Among the other great services that Google offers, the application to analyze big data based on "machine learning" technology enables customers to use without having to rent a server or thinking about how to manage.

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