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There are 5 Habits Causing Infertility In Women:

1. Drink alcohol
According to researchers, drinking a lot of alcohol can lead to infertility. Women those drink 3 glasses or more of alcohol per week are usually difficult to have children, especially ones planning to have a child. Alcoholic beverages will make your belly bigger because they contain a high level of calories.

Women taking alcoholic beverages during the pregnancy are at risk of getting bad impact on the fetal health. Beside, alcohol also the causes menstrual cycle disorders, amenorrhea which affect the ability to ovulate or may even stop the ovulation.
2. Stay up late

Scientific studies have shown that there is a relation between lack of sleep and infertility. The habit of staying up late is very harmful to the reproductive health of women. Women who regularly take the night shift are more likely to miscarry. Those who go to bed late will have a habit of eating at night ,they tend to use more fast foods but little vegetables so the content of calories is greater than normal. When the weight exceeds the limit , functions of genital organs will be disrupted . Fat in the abdomen increases the androgen male hormones production which prevents mature follicles and causes ovarian dysfunction, thereby affect the conception of the sisters.
3. Use so much caffeine

According to the study, women using beverages containing too much caffeine
such as coffee, tea, soft drinks…will be like to get the infertility. A cup of coffee or tea does not affect fertility, but many cups a day will cause a serious consequence.
The research shows that taking more than 300mg of caffeine a day can affect fertility and increase the risk of miscarriage in women. 300mg of caffeine is equivalent to 2 cups of brewed coffee.
A short nap of 15 or 20 minutes will help to strengthen the body energy. Ideally, make a habit of drinking herbal teas instead.
4. Staying one place too long
Woman's pelvis plays an important role in reproduction, staying at a place too long will lead to congestion, pelvic congestion, cause poor circulation in the uterus and surrounding areas, particularly ovaries. For this, it can cause hypoxia in ovaries, increases the risk of infertility in women.
 5. Urine fasting
It may seem to be irrelevant but in fact , the habit of fasting in a long time can lead to infertility in women. The reason is that female genital organs located behind the bladder of the pelvis. If you fast the urine long ,the bladder will bulge and put pressure on the uterus .
If this job is repeated frequently, the uterus will  recline on the back without coming back to the initial position causing a difficulty in conceiving.

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