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Many people think that they just need to take medicine to cure the tuberculosis. But in fact, the drug only helps kill bacteria. Patients must pay attention to an adequate nutrition and a proper resting time. Following are some useful tips for patients:

1. Eat vegetables and fruits everyday

 Fruits ,vegetables, yogurt are very useful for patients with tuberculosis .Due to     using a daily medication ,these patients all get bacterial intestinal disorders, gastrointestinal disorders such as pepper diarrhea, constipation, nausea. Eat more vegetables, fruits, yams, sweet potatoes can reduce those symptoms. Yogurt helps to stabilize the digestion, thus solving the problem of constipation and diarrhea.

 2. Check health regularly

Experts recommend that people with high risk of tuberculosis should go for inspecting the skin once a year. For this,they can detect dangerous symptoms before the disease become more serious.

 3. Diversify dishes

 Choose favorite foods for patients and also change dishes often to stimulate their appetite. It is good to divide daily meals into small parts so that patients can absorb necessary nutrients.

4. Do physical exercises

Doing physical exercises and having a suitable rest is very effective in maintaining a good mind. This way helps to ensure a good health and mind .This tip is very important prevent the disease better.

5. Limit spicy and cold foods

Frozen and spicy foods can stimulate the throat causing cough. According to Oriental medicine, cold foods easily cause choking in the lungs, so worsen symptoms. If you want to eat items stored in the refrigerator, you should put them out to cool down before eating.

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