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In recent years, smart phone is becoming popular with people in the world. According to survey, 9 per 10 people use smart phone. However, 9 people who use smart phones said that their phones became slow and stiff after a long time, especially when they surf Internet. So, what’s wrong with their smart phones? And how to protect and remove those problems out of smart phones? 

Internet is a source which contains innumerable lurking dangers. Simply, when you visit a website with viruses or malicious code, they are automatically downloaded to your computer and make the implicit behavior to steal personal data or destroy your phone’s system. This makes your phone become slow and stiff or even jerky. I myself also experienced this problem regularly before.  
Besides, the viruses can spread through many other ways, such as sharing files with a certain phones with the virus, or you are connected via USB device to a computer to copy music or video or something. The virus can also invade your phone from your computer.
A good solution is offered to you 360 Mobile Security- an Antivirus Software for Mobile. This software help your phone to scan, and wipe out the hidden viruses on your phone. On the other hand, it protects when you access the Internet or share USB or connect USB device. It will prevent the danger from getting into your phone.
Below is detail of functions of 360 Mobile Security:
  • Scanning and removing viruses from your phone.
  • Using two layers of protection to keep your system from the latest damages with 360 QVS and cloud engine.
  • Protecting real time.
  • Scanning application settings and the APK files in real time while monitoring each installation.
  • Detecting and correcting security vulnerabilities gaps from the phone or from a certain application

Feel free to use and enjoy your phone without worrying or interrupting due to annoying problems with 360 Mobile Security- Such a great Antivirus Software for Mobile.

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