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2021 will be a landmark year because security companies fully embrace cloud-centric security strategies which allow more IT organizations to innovate, adopt, and better manage the risks confronting their cloud-based infrastructure. Following are some predictions for cloud security in the future.

1. Stopping being server-centric and becoming service-centric

For ten years, organizations have already become used to the network or the server as the battleground in which security wars were waged. The cloud has really disrupted the concept of server-centric. At the same time, it creates a world where the servers are disposable containers which are not intended for the legacy functions. A new breed of services have surfaced to fulfill roles formerly held by the physical server such as file storing, processing database....A new challenge for security teams is they have to engage entire breed of services which are not accessible using the traditional approach.

2. Security controls will migrate closer to the objects

In the cloud, all resources have their own set of security controls. For example, the virtual servers have their own dedicated firewall. Files which are stored in storage services can contain encryption mechanisms and flexibly simple access policies. Users have the right to identify the policies control and dictate their cloud abilities.

There are micro which perimeters scope security to the resource level. Also, it permits many resources to cotenant in the cloud that it is not necessary to fear wide-sweeping security assumptions because it could create undesirable risk or danger for enterprises.

3. The incumbent player needs to revitalize their portfolios

The security incumbents like McAfee, or Symantec will have to innovate, acquire or partner in order to refresh their portfolios. The industry practices repackaging legacy technology and re-marketing it to match with the latest trend. It is not working with the unique challenges and opportunities offered by cloud environments.

4. Security professionals will become main players in DevOps teams

During the rapid turning to cloud adoption, unfortunately, information security professionals have been sitting the bench.

The biggest challenge is the lack of time, lack of resources and tools to provide necessary security transparency in order to support high-velocity DevOps organizations. Maybe, 2021 is the year that many companies and organization should spend time and resources to reorganize their DevOps and Security practices to be much closer together or we can say reorganize the DevSecOps movement.

At the same time, we will see security become an enabling and differentiating capability for the organizations or enterprises that adopt it.

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