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When travelling for several days, most tourists have to stay at the hotel and of course, the hotel regulation is difference between countries in the world.
In the United States, especially at the center of big cities, the hotel room price is very expensive, sometimes up to 3000-4000 USD / night. Along with this, the service price is also definitely high.

The hotel usually charges the phone much more expensive than public rates. Moreover, many hotels even include network price (about 20-30 dollars on average). Therefore customers can save money by using the mobile phone or a prepaid phone card for calling via public telephones or landline in hotel room. However, in the US, many hotels also have public telephones in the lobby or at the door for customer.
Like other countries, room price in the US is also different by season and by day. Generally, the room price which is printed on the flyers or advertised on the website is usually the lowest price excluding taxes and service. In common, the double room price is higher than the single room price. And with the hotels which is near the resorts or recreation places, the room rates are often higher on the weekends because the number of visitors coming these days is very big.
In addition, the room price when you make reservations on the Internet is usually cheaper than direct bookings with the hotel because most hotels have a discount contract for travel firms. And, of course, the sooner you book, the cheaper you have to pay for. However, when booking through the website, it is important for you to pay attention to the conditions coming with it, especially in terms of deposits, payments, and cancellation because in many cases, the customers are not recovered the money that they paid before. Most travel agents will recommend you a full-service package including room price, airfare, and car rental because the package’s price is usually cheaper than the total retail set combined.
In some hotels in the United States, especially in big cities like New York or San Francisco, your luggage can be stolen when put at the lobby; therefore, you must be careful and do not leave the luggage in the hotel lobby without guard. And if you want to check out without carrying luggage with you, you can put it at the hotel free in a few days, but remember to get the luggage pattern to receive them later.
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