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Nowadays, traveling oversea is not something luxury for everyone. And US is one of the ideal places that you should visit when traveling to Americas. However, there are many things we have to find out and prepare before going, especially the accommodation. These are some experiences for booking the cheap hotels in US which helps you have a saving and exciting tour!

 1. Making reservation as soon as possible
In fact, all hotels in the world will offer you special discounts if you make reservation early. Booking a hotel with a cheap price in US is not easy, especially in the tourist season or the festival time of the year, so you should check the reservation systems before checking in 30 to 60 days to get the best price.
2. Find out information on cheap hotels
If you have a list of US hotels, it will be very convenient for you to choose the best hotel. According to the US hotel booking experience of most travelers, if you do not have any information about the place you are visiting, you can find it out on the internet or call the tourist company for helping. They will supply you the most useful information.
3. Making online reservation
The price on the hotel booking website is usually cheaper than the direct booking price at the hotel. Therefore, you should consider carefully and contact the hotel booking website in the US to ask them for advice before making decision. In addition, you should consult the prices and select the suitable location for your travel demand.
4. Understand information about the basic services clearly
When making hotel reservation in the US directly or indirectly on the website, even at professional tourist organization, the tourists should be sure about the service information that you will receive, arising services and the cost you have to pay for it.
5. Making reservation at reputable organizations
If you do not have much skills and experience of US travel, you should make hotel reservation at a professional tourist organization. They always hold a full and detailed list of hotel systems which is really helpful in assisting guests in selection the hotel which is suitable with their budget and travel purpose.
With these tips, you can find out for yourself a cheap hotel with the best services to stay when traveling to US and enjoy a great time here.


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