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The United States is one of the world most attractive destinations for both business and tourism. As there exists cultural differences among countries, some difficulties may come when preparing for a trip, especially in lodging process. Some small tips below might help you easier find a suitable hotel to stay.

Carefully choose the time to travel
The number of tourists and the hotel rates vary dramatically – depending on the time you visit. If you want to get good bargains in the U.S, Winter, from January 4th to mid-March is the best time to go there. By contrast, Fall, especially after Christmas is considered the busiest and the most expensive season of the year. Though the prices in this season may be extremely high, the quality is not really excellent all the time. Hence, never access the quality by the price. Carefully read customers’ reviews and comments instead.
Use Online Booking Sites
In the era of technology, thousands of booking websites were born in order to help customers find the most comfortable hotels for their trips. Not every website is believable but some of them are actually useful.
You can get access to big online booking sites like,, (Kayak), especially (Expedia) to search for hotels, motels and even homestay and make a quick comparison among these options to find out which one will give you the best deal. For more information about prices and package deal, is a good choice here. Thousands of hotels in big cities like New York, L.A, Las Vegas, etc. with specific information about location, prices and facilities can be easily searched on these websites. Whether there is discount or not is also placed on these booking sites.

However, some small hotels don’t want to pay search site commission so you can’t search for them on the web. In this case, TripAdvisor is the best site to use to identify these hotels but you had better go directly to the hotel to make reservations.
Buy a package deal
If you are travelling to only one destination, it’s better to look for a deal which includes hotel, airfare and transportation. That may be of the best bargain. In some case, the package also contains plus extras, such as an afternoon sightseeing tour or a restaurant coupouns. The price for a package, sometimes, is even much cheaper than the hotel rate only. Almost every big travel agency in U.S provide these types of package. You can easily get one when travelling to this country.

Join a loyalty program

You will only benefit from loyalty program when you travel a lot. Almost every hotel provides customers with loyalty card to earn points for each visit. A free dinner, an annual party, a short tour around Mahattan or even a big discount can be yours when you get enough points. Bear to mind that these loyalty cards will not get more points if you book the rooms through a third-party, like booking websites.


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