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Why does technology make us more stupid?

1. You are forgetting more and more

The younger generation today are increasingly forgetful than those over 55 years of the previous generation, according to the survey “Robotics Trends” (2013). In a press release, Dr. Patricia Gutentag regarded technology as one of the main culprits. “The next generation often uses technology to do many things, and they ignore the lack of sleep, all of which lead to a high degree of forgetfulness”, she said. 

2. You cannot focus on what you are reading

Even if you have alienated all distractions, you still will not be possible to acquire the information you read online. You can blame the text for being too long to read. However, actually, colorful links scattered throughout online articles are one of the causes making your brain hardly work well as it has less brain power to handle what you are reading. Even just read on the screen, like a laptop or iPad - with or without the associated path - has been proven to reduce the ability to read well.

Studies have shown that, reading the texts that contained the link required a lot in terms of handling in mind, evaluating those hyperlinks to decide whether to click on or not - this was not related to the process of reading. Besides hyperlinks, those texts can contain images, videos and ad contents.

3. You cannot determine the direction without GPS 

Hippocampus in the brains of people who often relies on the GPS will be less active. The hippocampus is a brain region related to both memory and navigation skills, according to a series of studies presented in 2010 on the use of brain memory. In this way, you should base on visual hints in reality to develop a cognitive map for yourself to remember information, instead of relying on GPS devices. It will help prevent the problem of memory not good for later in life.

A study from the University of London in 2008 found that the taxi drivers developed their hippocampus than other people - probably because they were familiar with navigation in the city by the memory of the brain, rather than relying on GPS.

4. Make your brain like a drug addict

Spend too much time on the internet can cause changes in the brain, not unlike persons dependent on drugs and alcohol, according to a study in 2012.

Internet addicts - most notably as gamers, is those who can skip meals, play truant and not sleep to play until the end. These people have abnormal white and gray areas in the brain, damaged areas related to emotional processing, regulation of attention and decision-making. Alcoholics and drug addicts had the same brain abnormalities, the study said.

In conclusion, we should remind ourselves that, we have the power to stop the brain drain. Just log in and use the applications of technology needed in specific and reasonable periods.

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