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The future predictions of healthcare technology

Looking through all the research and innovation in the biotechnology and medicine industry today, we can imagine what the health care system can do in the next 20 years. Implantable sensor, electronic skeleton (bionic), changing the genetic sequence and effective prescription, we are in the time of technology to create positive change.

A new report from research firm Sparks & Honey showed new future for the health care industry, and here are some of many future ideas.

Mobile Clinics 

In the near future, we can do a lot of basic medical care for ourselves. Users will have the applications and devices like Fitbit to control overall health, smart thermometer or digital stethoscope to monitor signals in the body. Even there will soon appear diagnostic kits for diseases such as SniffPhone funded by the European Union (EU) to prevent cancer. Experts in the medical technology industry predicted that users would no longer go to medical centers to diagnose their illness, but simply checked their phone.

Remote monitoring will make people less likely to visit and meet with doctors too much (as well as doctors also easily access the information that users has collected through their devices). The only question posed is how to manage data from patients and ensure the accuracy of such information sources to apply to treatment effectively.

Super body

The life expectancy of people is increasing. The replacement devices as prosthetics are becoming more sophisticated, cheaper and more easily assimilated to the human body. Persons with disabilities can now control the detailed activities in his thoughts.

Achievements by Johns Hopkins University recently showed that the use of electronic skeleton (exoskeletal Bionic) made travel become easier for people with disabilities. At the same time, the medical technology industry and is very successful with artificial devices such as skin, bones and internal organs, so in the future we can supplement or replace the new parts of the body.

Decoding body

The medical profession has found individual genes diagrams, maps better understanding of the brain and microorganisms living in and on people (microbiomes). We not only have profound detailed learning about the human body but also gradually can begin to manipulate and control health at low-level. That can mean everything, from food, live microorganisms that enter the body to make up the new generation have no genetic flaws.

Nano medicine 

With many specific medical data available, the treatment will become more personal and no longer be subject to a prescription for all. Doctors will prescribe the exact sum for the medical and genetic records, bring better efficiency to the individual. At the same time is the future trend of nano product line and medical devices. A recent example is the future medicine of Google used to detect cancer and viral devices to determine the location of the disease and appoint the dose when necessary.

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