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Some new equipment and technology to help healthcare

Technology has given us a lot of useful equipment to help us have a better life and become stronger. We have gloves to help keep track of the symptoms of Parkinson's patients, virtual reality devices to "train" the brain or help us cope with depression and treadmills so we can mobilize while working.

But the technology also creates a lot of strange devices. Here are some of the strangest devices that you can find.

1. Cold Shouder waistcoat

Developed by a scientist who worked for NASA, Cold Shoulder held successfully Kickstarter campaign last year. 

Cold Shoulder is the waistcoat filling bags with ice that you will wear out your clothes. The company said that wearing this waistcoat in 8 hours could burn up to 500 calories because the body had to spend energy to keep warm against the cold exposure.

2. Headband

Nobody was glad with hair loss. And although science has given many options for hair regrowth somewhat, unfortunately we have not found a way to cure hair loss.

HairMax Laser Band headband is such an option and described as one of the easiest and fastest methods by the inventors. The equipment looks like a surreal huge headband worn on the head. It will stimulate hair growth by 82 medical standard lasers and combs allowing the laser to beam directly into the hair follicle. The equipment is for both men and women and approved by US FDA. Each treatment lasts 90 seconds, three times a week.

3. Gauge the amount of fat

We know that the body mass index (BMI) is not the best measure of the amount of fat and because most of the scales just evaluate the whole body weight, it is difficult to determine the percentage of body fat. You can use leather grip, analyzing bioelectric impedance - emitting electric current through the body, or hydrostatic balance (underwater). Or you can use Skulpt Chisel.

The machine with the size of a mobile phone will measure the percentage of body fat and muscle quality of a person by using a method like analyzing bioelectric impedance but in a much smaller device. All you need to do is spray a little water on the skin, press the machine into your skin and wait for it to upload data. Chisel synchronizes with a Bluetooth application to track the progress of your workout plan and the improvement of the muscle.

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