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Cauliflowers are well known as one of the royal health boost prized by the court of King Louis XIV, as stated on It is not natural for this kind of vegetable to have the great honor. The reason is that “ this versatile veggie is not only low in calories, it is also full of vitamins and minerals. One cup of raw cauliflower is high in the antioxidant and vitamin C which are required for the growth and repair of tissues in all parts of human body, and necessary for the formation of the important protein collagen, and also used to construct the skin, scar tissue, tendons, ligaments, and blood vessels”, as posted by Meredith Stanton on Webmd. In addition, the study conducted by Dr. Mercola has also shown the fact that an impressive array of nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other phytochemicals are contained in cauliflower; therefore, it is no doubt about its numerous benefits to human health.

Two of its most impressive benefits follow:

1. Fight cancer

Besides thousands of common anti-cancer foods such as artichokes, blueberries, salmon and garlic, cauliflowers are also highlighted as its effects on preventing this deadly disease is not surprising at all. It has been long time proved by several dozen studies that cauliflower-containing diets are extremely effective in cancer prevention, especially  bladder cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, and ovarian cancer, as stated on It is because of special nutrients provided by cauliflowers for the three body systems including the body's detox system, the antioxidant system and the inflammatory or anti-inflammatory system that are closely connected with cancer development as well as cancer prevention. Moreover, cauliflowers contain sulforaphane, a sulfur compound that has also been shown to kill cancer stem cells, thereby slowing tumor growth, as published in Carcinogenesis.

2. Improve heart health

Scientists believe that sulforaphane significantly improve blood pressure and kidney function, as posted on In addition, it is also found that sulforaphane's benefits are related to improved DNA methylation, which is crucial for normal cellular function and proper gene expression, especially in the easily damaged inner lining of the arteries known as the endothelium. Fortunately, this kind of chemical is available in cauliflowers naturally. Therefore, it is no doubt about the using of this vegetable regularly as a remedy to resist heart diseases.

Besides, cauliflowers are also considered as the panacea to boost human brain health, support the body’s detoxification and improve digestive health since it contains a large amount of nutrients and helpful chemicals. Therefore, don’t be shy to add cauliflowers to your daily diets as it is a totally wise and natural way to stay healthy.

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