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For many people, losing weight is a struggle where they have to spend hours fighting against their biological clock by counting and cutting the amount of calories and doing exercises. If you wonder is there any possible way to lose pounds without diet or work out, discover the tricks below!

1. Do household chores every day

Do you always wait until weekend to clean your house? If yes, make a change by start cleaning up every day. Just spend fifteen minutes or more, not only can you get yourself moving but you can keep your house clean as well, of course, without actually doing any exercise! 

2. Drink more water

Prepare a bottle of water which can be easily filled up and carry it with you everytime you go out instead of buying a cup of juice or diet soda. The more water you drink, the less is your eating temptation. What is more, your metabolism will be boosted when the body’s need for water is satisfied.

3. Sleep properly

One important factor that is good for weight loss is a solid seven to eight hours of sleeping every night. Even when you eat the same diet just like your friens do, you will not be able to drop as much fat as them if you do not get the sleep your body is in need.

4. Play games

You may need distraction when fighting with food cravings. By playing video games, you will be less likely to eat when your mind is busy doing other stuffs. This may sound strange, but you can apply this method for reference.

5. Eat wisely

If you are the one who prefers quick and easy to make foods, it is high time to change the habit. Buy and use the healthy ones such as baby carrots, apples or pita crackers…Not only are they good for health, they are also ideal for those who are too lazy to make a healthy meal.

6. Take it easy

Stress is another reason that can cause weight gain. It leads to emotional problems which means consuming a lot more calories than you should. Do not put too much pressure on your weight loss plan and take your time.

7. Take the lazy man’s load

If you do not want to lift weight but still want to become stronger, try to carry all the grocery bags into the house within one trip. The next time you emty your gabage bags, take out four or five at once. By doing this, you can build strength gradually and reduce the number of trips you have to make.

These tricks can only help to make your weight loss plan easier to manage. This will work best when you combine with proper diet and exercise!

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