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Eating chocolate helps lower the heart disease risk and stroke

Chocolate is made from tropical Theobroma cacao tree seeds. After discovered by the American, it was widely consumed first in Europe and then its demand exploded over the world due to the irresistible taste. Nowadays, chocolate is also considered as the symbol of love and becomes the popular presents for the other half for its unique, rich and sweet flavor. However, not everyone is all clear about the fact that chocolate is extremely beneficial to human health, with the respect to heart attacks and stroke prevention although it has been long time the day and night obsession to those who are afraid of weight gain.

In a study involving nearly 158,000 men and women, the researchers determined that a correlation existed between the consumption of chocolate and a diminished risk of stroke and heart attacks.

Chocolate helps prevent heart disease risk

As posted on, research published in the BMJ (British Medical Journal) has suggested that consuming chocolate could help lower the risk of developing heart disease by one third. The report was presented at the European Society of Cardiology Congress in Paris, France. The authors had concluded that “levels of chocolate consumption seem to be associated with a substantial reduction in the risk of cardiometabolic disorders”. According to, the reason may be because the eating habits of chocolate-lovers are healthier than the other’s. They believe that people who like to eat chocolate do something else that offers heart protection, like eat a wide variety of healthful foods.

Chocolate helps reduce stroke

Canadian scientists carried out a study involving 44,489 people and found that people eating chocolate were 22 per cent less likely to suffer a stroke than those who didn't. In addition, those who had a stroke but regularly consumed chocolate were 46 percent less likely to die as a result. The reason is that high levels of flavonoid antioxidants which is effective in lowering the risk of stroke are available in chocolate. Therefore, eating chocolate appropriately and daily may mean getting a fine tonic.

Besides, chocolate also helps prevent a large amount of other diseases such as memory decline and unbalanced cholesterol levels, as stated on However, it is not recommended to take too much chocolate due to its side effects on weight and skin as chocolate contains high fat content and cocoa. For the best, two chocolate bars a day is proposed to be enough for people of all ages and states.

Hence, next time you eat a piece of chocolate, let’s be happy to enjoy it without worrying about acnes or weight gain since from now on, you must make sense of chocolate benefits and the right way to take its advantages to stay healthy.

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