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The unique health care equipment

1. Oura 

Machines to monitor exercise are a fertile market these days, with all types from bracelet, necklace to shoes and many other device types. While the data that the machines record may not always reliable, companies still continue to manufacture them.

Oura ring is a different form - instead of tracking the training effort, it will follow you when you are resting. The ring is designed to help wearers sleep better, which in theory will help them achieve greater efficiency in the next day. It will recommend lifestyle changes that can help improve sleep, measure heart rate and breathing rate, body temperature and movement every time you wear. The application accompanied will report trends, details and changes in your daily life. 

2. Enter quell

Many people suffer chronic pain and it may affect the working capacity. Most doctors will prescribe painkillers, but the painkiller addiction is no less harmful than painfulness. The alternative methods such as yoga, acupuncture and meditation can be helpful, but they are not for everyone.

Enter quell, a wearable computer with the size of a mobile phone, has licensed by the US FDA to treat chronic pain by stimulating nerve. Set the machine just below the knee, it will generate electrical currents making the brain to release the opioids to block pain sensation. Designed to be worn day and night on the arm, Quell declares it can relieve pain for at least 15 minutes.

3. Muse

Every day we always have to confront with stress and some experts suggested meditation as a way to cope. But simply closing your eyes and focusing on the world around may not work for everyone. Therefore, we have a high-tech approach to meditation, Muse.

To use this device, you wear it at head as a headphone and let audios from device invade. While you meditate in the whispering sounds of the rainforest or ocean waves, Muse will monitor if your brain is calm or active, then transfer the audio signal into navigation. If it thinks your mind calm, quiet sound. If your brain is active, the sound will try to take you back to the more stable state.

Accompanying application allows you to track progress over time and a single charge can help you meditate to 5 hours.

4. Smart Socks 

Running is a good exercise, but done incorrectly can lead to injury. Whether you have the best and quietest shoes, you still cannot prevent injury. Although it may seem silly, Sensoria Fitness Company said that their Smart Socks could solve that.

Combined with a bracelet at ankle, socks are equipped with sensors at sole of the foot to monitor your running style and show you the places that need improving. It also keeps track of steps and rhythm, based on the theory that the more steps per minute, the less the pressure on the hip and knee joints, reducing the possibility of injury. The application attached will record progress and provide feedback by sounds or images to improve your running.

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