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The helpful healthcare software on iPhone

The tech world is getting closer and friendlier when the equipment is gradually becoming true friends with users. Not only serve needs of communication, entertainment and work, smartphones also have the ability as a real doctor when they can give users the best information for their health.

Here are some health apps rated as the best on the iPhone that the iOS faithful should not ignore.

1. P90X

P90X is rated as one of the most famous apps related to the sport practice on the iPhone. This app will basically give users reasonable diets. Besides, it also monitors during exercise and guides the most effective ways.

With P90X, users will be provided with the tests that best suit your current level. If you want a healthy and toned body, use P90X as a true handbook.

2. MyFitnessPal

Being a completely free software, MyFitnessPal lets you choose the menu in the most scientific way to have a perfect body by providing a barcode scanner for food items purchased in stores. 

Besides, this app also serves as a social network when equipped with a unique feature, it will track workout progress of other MyFitnessPal users. For those who want to lose weight or exercise to achieve a good health, sometimes the pressure from friends is extremely necessary.

3. Sleep Cycle

Do you really feel that you have a great night's sleep? If not, use Sleep Cycle as a tool to get a good night's sleep and wake up with one gentle wake.

Just launch Sleep Cycle and place your iPhone near where you sleep, then this app will monitor your sleep rhythm to know if you are in a state of dreamy sleep or have fallen into a deep sleep. Based on that, Sleep Cycle will wake users up gently or noisy after a predetermined period of time depending on their sleep state. This really is a healthy way to give you a good night's sleep.

 4. HeartWise

Not all health apps are teaching on diet or workout. HeartWise is one such software that allows users to monitor their blood pressure, heart rate and weight. 

This app provides the charts, trends and analysis by experts, and prompts users to review them periodically. Even users can send data about their blood pressure status to doctors through the app. Are there anything you want more than a healthy heart?

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