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The technological devices help improve health

Today, there are devices that support you in the exercise, weight loss and even improve sleep. Here are some of the technologies designed to help you improve your physique as well as acquire better health.

Basis (199 USD)

Looks like a regular watch, but Basis is smarter. Four embedded sensors have the task of measuring the flow of blood, sweat and overall operations. Because of monitoring your routine as well as measuring your fitness, Basis will offer appropriate suggestions to help you improve the health status. 

Fitbit Flex ($ 99.95)

Fitbit is considered one of the pioneer companies in the line of equipment to monitor the exercise. And Flex is its latest effort to help improve the health status of users. Simple and waterproof rubber bracelet will track steps, calories burned and your sleep time, then sync all the data on a smartphone or computer. This device also has various colors to choose.

Fitbit One ($ 99.95)

Looks like a great pedometer, but Fitbit One does not stop at the step counter function. This device also lets you know how far you have come and how far the amount of calories burned is. Additionally, it can help you improve sleep by measuring sleep cycles. Fibit One easily synchronizes data with your phone or your computer.

Fitbit Zip ($ 59.95)

If you like the idea of ​​a “smart” pedometer with price under $ 100, Fitbit Zip might be the appropriate choice. With 5 trendy colors, Zip tracks your steps, distance, calories burned and shares all information on a small LCD screen above. In addition, this device can also synchronize wirelessly with most phones, computers and tablets.

Jawbone UP ($ 129.99) 

Designed to be worn everywhere, even in the bathroom or bedroom, waterproof bracelet Jawbone UP promises a healthier life by tracking the movement and your sleep. All data will be synced to your computer or smartphone though UP requires a wired connection. Another advantage is this bracelet acts as an alarm clock - based on the sleep cycle to wake you at the most appropriate time.

Larklife ($ 149.99)

Larklife is capable of tracking your habits of moving, eating, sleeping, then make recommendations to improve your health. It also synchronizes wirelessly with an iOS app, but cannot sync with your computer, Android or Windows Phone devices .

Microsoft Kinect ($ 109.99)

Can improve the fit by playing games? This is possible if you integrate Microsoft Kinect with Xbox 360. The device is equipped with various sports games, dance... all are designed to pull you off the couch and exercise. Do not just look, you might find it interesting when using!

Motorola MOTOACTV ($ 249.99)

Designed for the professional runners, MOTOACTV combines GPS, MP3 player, watch to monitor heart rate and manage objectives. All are wrapped in a stunning square touch screen timepiece. With this device, you can collect all the data then sync with the web or Android phones.

Nike + FuelBand (149 USD)

Some health monitoring bracelets look just like rubber, but Nike + FuelBand is not. It looks worthy of a utility device. The pedometer inside tracks all your daily data, from calories, steps, time and displays on the LED screen outside. You can synchronize wirelessly this device with iPhone or connect to the computer to map, set goals... However, unlike other fitness bracelets, the device is not tracking eating habits or your sleep.

Withings Wireless Scale WS-30 ($ 149.95)

Withings WS-30 not only measures your body weight but also determines body mass index, and display all data on the web or your iPhone. In addition, free apps will monitor all of your health information and even share data with apps like RunKeeper and Zeo Sleep Manager.

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