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The influence of technological equipment on children’s health

The technological devices give us the convenience of life. However, one thing that not everyone knows, the electromagnetic waves of these devices can decrease intelligence and affect the health of children

1. Phone

Radiation wave from a normal mobile phone can affect users when reaching 50 microwatts/cm. In children, if affected by this wave, they can feel headaches, nausea, dizziness, more dangerous, they also may experience cardiovascular problems.

The central nervous system and internal organs of small children hardly comprehensively develop. Therefore, it is difficult to prevent the harmful effects of radiation from mobile phones.

The child’s skull structure is much smaller than adults’, therefore it is easily affected by large radiation. For a 5-year-old baby, the radiation can affect approximately 50% of the brain and 30% of the brain in children 10 years of age.

To protect the child, it is best not to let your baby play with cell phone. In case of need, parents should use the stickers to help reduce the effects of radiation. Besides, you can give your child a landline to use if he/she stays at home to ensure your child’s health.

2. Televisions, computers

Children’s reading ability and memory can be impaired if they regularly watch television or use the computer. Electromagnetic and radiation waves from televisions and computers might affect the brain and cause loss of vision and memory in young children

The main advice at this time is that parents should not give children watch TV too closely and too long. The minimum distance when children watch television should be 2m.

At the stage of children aged 0 to 4 years old, you should not let the child contact the computer a lot. This is a very important period for the development of children’s eyes. Therefore, adults pay attention to supplement vitamin A, DHA for children to have good eyesight.

3. MP3 / MP4

Listen to music by MP3 or MP4 player with too loud volume can cause noise pollution for them. If the music time a day of children is up to 80 or 90 minutes, the child’s ear will fall into the hypoxia affecting hearing. If this situation lasts, the child may be loss of appetite, fatigue, having influence on the health of children.

According to Dr. Watts - a health researcher at the US hospital, the noise not only affects a child’s hearing, but it also causes affecting vision.

In addition, with the compact structure, MP3 and MP4 machine will easily be mistaken for a toy or candy, the child may be in danger to life when swallowing these things.

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