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Technology equipment affects pregnant women’s health

The product technology has gradually familiar to users. Especially with pregnant women, using technology equipment needs attention because it can affect the health of the fetus.

1. Computer

According to the World Health Organization, the electromagnetic field with extremely low frequency of a computer can adversely affect fetal health. Women using a computer in excess of 20 hours per week have a higher risk of miscarriage than those who do not work with computers. 

2. Mobile phone

Modern life makes people today “stuck” with a mobile phone, whether at home, at work or when going out. Despite having no practical evidence, doctors recommend pregnant mothers should be careful when using mobile phone to limit the exposure to electromagnetic radiation.

When using, should have a certain distance to the phone and especially not call, text, play games or use any feature of the phone if it is in the process of charging. 

3. Microwave

The common types of microwaves have several types of electromagnetic radiation around the door. For ordinary people, it is no matter, but for people who are pregnant, this type of interference can cause birth defects, miscarriage or stillbirth result.

4. Television

During use, color TVs emit a large number of positive ions, while creating ultraviolet wavelength of 400 microns. The wavelengths can cause some minor impact on maternal and fetal health. Therefore, doctors recommend that pregnant mothers should not watch TV too much, and instead need additional rest and proper nutrition.

5. Hairdryer

Many people will be surprised to hear that hair dryer despite being small, also emits electromagnetic radiation, especially when turn on or turn off. Hairdryer is usually use very closely to the head so it can affect the central nervous system and cause mental dysfunction. Therefore, hairdryer is one of the reasons causing dizziness, fatigue, insomnia, forgetfulness, loss of appetite... in people with sensitive body like pregnant women.

Some experts’ advice to reduce electromagnetic radiation in pregnant mother’s house:

- Limit use: it is best for expectant mothers to limit contact with 5 above households. If using a microwave or computer, should keep a minimum distance of 1 meter and not prolong use of mobile phones, each conversation should not exceed 30 minutes.

- Unplug to reduce radiation: Even when not used, the electric current is still passed through the cord from the electrical outlet to power devices, producing weak electromagnetic waves. Unplug it can not only reduce the electromagnetic radiation but also help save up to 10% using energy.

- Do not leave the devices with electromagnetic radiation in the bedroom, even small objects such as MP3, digital alarm clocks or minicomputers.

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