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To stick with a slim down plan, people have to do so many different things to lose weight in a healthy way and maintain it, some are: going on a well balanced diet, listening to the body and doing exercises. It is easier said than done if people have to follows these things and what is more, they sometimes can not maitain the schedule. There is another better way to lead a healthy and long lasting weight loss plan, simply by NOT doing the things below!

1. Going on a diet

The very first thing that people always think of when they decide to lose weight is starting to diet. In fact, when decreasing the number of calories, metabolism will be slowed down and the body will be forced to hold onto its fat stores. What is more, going on a diet makes people’s life miserable since they have to struggle with food reduction. In fact, some people who diet usually tend to gain back the weight quickly because after reaching the weight loss purpose, they may reward themselves for foods, this unintentionally make them gain weight.

2. Using diet pills or supplements

If you do not want your heart and kidneys to be put unnecessary stress on, stop using these products. Of course they may work but it is not worth risking your health at all!

3. Going on Detox programs

The program only makes your body lose water weight. By using this method, you will miss out on many nutrients which are necessary for your body. Moreover, you will experience dehydration. Also, your body’s natural detox system will be reversed. 

4. Skip meals

Not everyone knows this fact: People who skip meals regularly seem to eat more calories than those who have appropriate regime. Last but not least, when people skip meals, they force the body to hold onto fat stores and lose muscle.

5. Eat too fast

Some people think rushing through the meal will avoid overeating. But they got it all wrong. The fact is when they do that, not only can’t they feel the flavors but they also prevent the stomach from getting the feeling of fullness which will prevent overeating. One useful advice is slow it down and enjoy the food.

6. Not making meals special

You should not have your meals in a car or in front of the television or laptop. They are distractions that will cause overeating. The best way to fix this is stop multitasking during mealtime, stay focus on your meal and serve them in the finest way you can.

7. Setting unrealistic goals

While unrealistic goals are set and people are not able to achieve, they will have the feeling of failure and may end up giving up the slimming down plan. One advice for those who plan to lose weight is setting small and attainable goals for a short time, every week is ideal. By doing this, you can make it easier to accomplish and create lasting changes.

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