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What need to know about Makeup Brush (Part 1)

Makeup Brushes has become unnecessary items in your makeup accessory collection. It helps our makeup work to be easier and quicker to finish and using the right beauty tools will instantly up your makeup game. However, a lot of women have not known of the differences among various types of makeup brushes. This article will give a closer look to each type of face brushes in order to help you understand more about their purposes as well as characteristics.

Fan Brush

First to be mentioned is Fan Brush which is thin and has a flexible fan shape. Fan brush has multipurpose and comes in different sizes. Some of its main functions are to apply highlighter or blush, to create gentle contouring and to sweep away excess powder or eyes shadow falling out. 

Foundation Brush 

Flat Foundation Brush is thin with flat square end to create perfect lines for touchups around the eyes, brows and lips. It is used as same as a traditional foundation brush with short back and forth brush strokes. Main purposes of this brush is applying liquid foundation; applying and blending concealer; creating perfect lines around eye shadow, brows and lipstick.

Traditional Foundation Brush is typical with being flat, dense, soft and having rounded end. It looks like a paint brush with small back and forth brush strokes to apply and blend. One of traditional foundation brush is able to create a natural finish with light to medium coverage. Besides its main purpose, it is also used to apply cream products.

Flat Top Brush

Flat Top Brush is a dense, large and round brush with a smooth cut flat top. It can be used for pretty much anything from blending liquid or cream foundation to applying coverage powder or cheek color at a variety of thickness. In addition, it is also able to remove excess powder fallout. Flat top brush comes in different sizes. 

Powder Brush

Powder Brush is generally soft, large and fluffy, yet very dense. Its major purpose is to sweep or press powder onto the face. It can also be used for blending because of its round shape end. Moreover, people also use powder brush to apply powder blush, bronzer or highlighter and to blend cheek color together. They also use this brush to apply cream products to their bodies.

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