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Three items will always make you look prettier

Shopping habits and items bought after shopping time often brings happiness, joy and fun to buyers. However, if you knew how to take advantages of old clothing by playing mix-matching game, you would have plentiful set of clothes to wear every day. Whoever you are, some basic items following which is easy to mix-match with other clothes will make you look prettier and fashionable. They are basic, however, always on trends and able to give your cloth sets a totally new looks.

Oversized Sweater

No matter how old are you, everyone needs a sweater, especially an oversized sweater. Oversized sweaters are in the fashion this recent year and also foreseen to keep the crowd in some upcoming years so it should be a must have item in your wardrobe. With this item, you can play mix-match game with so many other clothing items such as boyfriend jeans, skinny jean and pencil skirt but still look fashionable. Oversized sweaters, according to some stylists, are capable of bringing a young, chic, active and elegant look. 

Boyfriend T-shirt  

Boyfriend T-shirt is indispensable items of those who are mischievous and have Tomboy style. This item is quite basic but is a necessary base for so many different clothing sets. You can wear boyfriend T-shirt as a basic T-shirt tucked into trousers or fastening shirt tail across the belly. Or you also can copycat from Rihanna and Beyonce’s style when they wore boyfriend T-shirt as dresses with either sneakers or high heels, however, make sure the T shirt is long enough. The styles inspired from celebrities always make us feel something in a higher level. Something is so much sexier and chicer.

White Jeans

Denim clothes are very basic items owned by all girls. They come in different colors from black, blue, grey and white. However, white jean is the only thing in jean family could spread on-trend vibes of all times. Either you prefer sexy style or free style, a white jean usually knows how to make you look chic and elegant. For example, if you come sexiness, a white authentic skinny jean, a white high waisted super skinny jean or a simple white jegging from New Look Brand are all you need. If you catch yourself wondering what to wear with white jeans, there are some outfit formulas for you to choose as: white skinny jean and denim jacket; white skinny jean with oversized sweater and ankle boots; white tank, white blazer and sliver or white scandal; a navy T-shirt and white boyfriend jean; white skinny jean, crochet sweater and nude heels; etc.



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