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Here are 4 tips that you can apply to retain and maintain customer loyalty, thereby building long-term relationships:

1. Support customers in an optimal way at the right time

According to a recent study shows that 81% of customers are willing to pay for quality experiences. This shows that customer service is extremely important, no less than the quality of the product that you provide to users. With proactive inquiries to customer at the right time, you must make sure that they are getting all the necessary support in the process of using your products or services. Even, you should be interested in supporting them before they have problems and pose questions for you.

 2. Understand the values what you provide to customers, and maintain it.

Interaction with customers is extremely important. Not after selling the product is finished your interaction with customers, you need to maintain it later. Nowadays, businesses often have after- sales-service. It is the leading factor to help you continue to build customer loyalty and make a progress to the success based on long customer relationships. At the same time, you also need to maintain and improve the quality of products / services. Those are factors that help you get a good relationship with its customers over the long term.

3. Monitoring customer behavior every day

If you want to retain long-term customers, you must understand how customers are using the product / service you throughout the entire process. Therefore, you need to monitor customer behavior each day. It is vital to seek and gather the useful information. You can make market research to know what the customers need, what the customers want and what the trend is now. Through doing market research, you can implement the changes to be more appropriate and convenient for the potential customer segment.

 4. Prioritize the special customer

All customers are the same, but there are special circumstances that you should give your priority before serving. It makes them feel satisfied with your shop. A recent study confirmed that 42% of consumers complained on social media that they expect the responses more quickly. Once you have to control too many questions from the guests, you need to know to allocate time and resources efficiently, and need to know how to judge and prioritize those who urgently need you more. 

Customer's decision to stay with you or move to buy from competitors completely depends on the level of support and the benefits that they receive.

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