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Potential customers are people helping to increase the conversion rates of your sales. Potential customers who really need the product, want to have, want to see, and then decide to buy the product. In the business, you cannot survive without customers.

So right now, let's study the most important aspects of the sale, which is searching for potential customers. If you want to sell the product / services, you should need to understand who are your potential customers, what is target market? And who are your competitors?

1.    1. When we should find clients and how could we find them?

The answer is to find wherever and with sincere attitude to customer. Finding customers must be taken whenever in any situation.

 And if we truly care about people, we can mix your career in a conversation by asking them what their job. Then you can redirect the conversation to work. People who are talking to us are not customers, but because we are honest and genuinely interested in other people, they will help to introduce us to a potential client.

Professional salesman often ask others to introduce new customers. They love their work, they always want to sell their products or services and seek the potential clients. Whether the customers buy or do not buy or even the customers are still pending, please let them know what is happening. Always inform the customer satisfaction in public is an effective strategy.

Remember that the related industries is the companion and the customer for the products that we are selling. Computer sales representatives regularly meet maintenance engineers or service customer staff - who provide excellent sources. Through exploration and search, the experts can detect devices which are obsolete, broken and more demands may directly bring sales opportunities.

2. The means of supporting to seek the potential customers.


If the existence of businesses depends much on providing products and services in an area, media would be an ideal vehicle to promote your product, your service. However, at first, you should not invest too much in the form of advertisements in the press, let's take experiment with small ads or ads that have been classified. After a short time, keep track of any form which brings the highest efficiency, you continue to invest.

Use the online promotional tools

If you build your own website, you can use many ways to find customers through the online tool. One of the easiest ways is marketing online such as: Google adwords, Facebook Adwords, online ads on the forum, forums, social networks. This can be seen as a form of advertising which is quite effective and cheap.

Observe and follow the competitors

If your opponent is also conducted to promote their products, consider, learn what they are doing. Try to learn the strengths and weaknesses in promoting forms of competition then draw up a strategy for promoting your own products and services to ensure that all potential customers will have the opportunity to find your services.

Hopefully the above will help you seek the potential customers to increase the benefits for your business.

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