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Wrinkles often appear when we are older .At that time, people gradually lose collagen-a fibrous protein helps skin to be firm, resulting in the skin becomes thinner and more vulnerable. The result is dry skin and appearing wrinkles. This article will introduce to you a few tips to reduce wrinkles:

 1. Add salmon in diet

Salmon is not only a great source of protein but also a source of essential fatty acids called omega-3. Dermatologists said that fatty acids nourish the skin to keep it youthful and thereby reduce wrinkles effectively.

2. Avoid washing face so much

One important thing that not all women know is washing face so many times a day can waste the skin's natural moisture .This is the direct cause for wrinkles to appear. Use the facial cleanser instead of soap (except soap with moisturizer )to wash face.

 3. Use the sunscreen

One of solutions of skin protection is using sunscreen containing tin or titanium . This product gives good results in preventing wrinkles, shrinking pores and spots. In addition, it can be treated by laser to replenish collagen and beautify the skin. When the body needs to produce more collagen, the laser treatment is a best choice.

 4. Avoid squinting

You should know that squinting, smiling and sleeping are 3 ways to create wrinkles on the face. Of course, we can not resist a smile or sleep every day, so try to minimize the squinting. Besides, wear sunglasses to be able to confidently walk under the summer sun without squinting.

 5. Eyes relaxing

One useful tip to prevent wrinkles is let your eyes rest. If you are an office worker having to work with computers constantly, make sure you set aside a few short periods during the day to relax the eyes, or reduce the brightness of your computer screen. By this way, we can avoid harming eye sight as well as preventing negative effects on skin of the eye area.

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