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Each hotel or hotel chain offers their customers a variety of deals. However, as a customer, you may not be always aware what you are going to get when you decide to make a reservation. Therefore, you should consider the following pieces of advice if you want to save money when going to stay at a New York hotel for a while.

Different seasons, different rates

How much a hotel charges you largely depends on the time you plan to stay. The rates can vary considerably in different seasons, and in some cases you can save up to hundreds of dollars. You can get the best bargains if booking a room in New York during winter months, from January 4 to mid-March. Summer is also another season for money-saving reservations, especially between July and August. The rates are highest in the fall as it is the busiest time of the year after Christmas. November, nevertheless, seems to be quiet and the charges are not too high as long as you make sure that your hotel is not located on the route of a Thanksgiving parade.

If you plan to stay in New York City during fall months, you are strongly advised to read reviews carefully and make price comparisons before booking a room, as lesser quality hotels tend to charge you the same amount as their luxury counterparts do in this time of the year.

Farther, cheaper

If you wish to save money, a room in the city center is not a good choice. You may think staying in midtown has a lot of advantages compared to farther locations on the edges of the city. The truth is, however, you can go anywhere in minutes with public transport despite where you stay, uptown, downtown or even in a borough. For example, you choose to stay on the Upper West Side, and want to visit the Statue of Liberty, just get on a ferry straight to the statue within half an hour. Living out of the central areas also help you to avoid crowds and have better experiences like enjoying meals at an incredible restaurant while watching how life is going on out there. You can get really good bargains if you stay in Brooklyn or Queens.

Better rates at weekends

If your trip falls on a weekend, you may save yourself big. Business hotels are often empty on the weekend, and then the room that they often charge up to $300 from Monday to Thursday can now be priced at only half of that, $150 or even lower right after business people have left for home. Therefore, you should remember to check the hotel’s websites for any weekend deals, and there will be more money saved.

Deals at chains

Although hotel chains do not seem offer as good local experience as independent ones do, you may find good deals there if you wish to save money on your trip. Most chains including Comfort Inn and Best Western are sensitive to the market, which means you can negotiate with them and get good rates at the last minute and in low seasons as they hate to see their rooms empty. You should ask for every type of discount they offer.

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