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New year is coming and it’s time to travel. There appears so many ways to get good deals on hotel rooms these days. However, these following steps are, perhaps, the simplest but one of the most effective ways to book a cheaper but good hotel room in US.

1. Get the lay of the land.

Today there are lots of online booking sites such as,, Log on, plug in your dates of travelling, adjust the filters, especially the ones that involve cost and then browse through your choices. Remember to notice user reviews, cancellation policies and taxes included to choose some most suitable hotels.

2. Check the price (and search again).

Next step is check the prices of the hotels you’ve chosen already at, a website which aggregates prices across other sites. It can enable you to check several hotels at once. Pay attention on the prices as sometimes the hotel offer some discounts.

Beside, there are also some other websites that you can rely on to check the prices: This site includes new mapping feature appearing side-by-side with their hotel suggestions and even offers overlay “heat maps” to see which parts of the city are best for food or night life. It searches about 200 booking sites so you can find lower prices than other websites. The world largest travel site. If you will be on long-day trip, this website is really useful.

3. Search for a package deal.

If you’ve already booked a flight or will be on a long trip, this step won’t work. But if it is a straight-forward trip (eg. In-and-out L.A-to-NewYork), a package deal might be the trick. Access to and you will be able to get a hot deal.

4. Make a call.

Once you’ve chosen the hotel, call them. Tell them that you find its information in a website, for example, and ask if they could give you a discount when booking directly. As usual, hotels must give the booking sites a 20 to 30% commission so they might be eager to split the difference with you. Whether it works or not also depends on who answer the phone and the power they’re given. If ok, book directly to get the best deal.

Do all these 4 steps, and it’s likely you will get a cheap room with a beautiful viewsight in the centre of the city.

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