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Normally when buying a smartphone or tablet, people prefer changing to the virtual keyboards of the third party with very handy customizations instead of default from the manufacturers. Here are 5 virtual keyboard software widely popular and best evaluated on current Android devices.

1. Laban Key
The first advantage of Laban Key is that it is developed by Vietnamese. They will understand how the Vietnamese use and listen attentively reviews of all the people in order to improve and finish it better. Laban Key keyboard supports fully Vietnamese input methods used commonly at present, including simple Telex, complete Telex and VNI. You can also set up more for typing to use conveniently. Moreover, you can easily change the new look for keyboard by selecting favorite topics, such as Android Ice Cream Sandwich, KitKat, Lollipop, iOS 8 interface... and many other personalized items.

2. GO Keyboard
GO Keyboard is Emoji Free keyboard having user-friendly interface. It provides very good automatic adjustment feature. This keyboard supports more than 60 languages ​​and can be expanded according to your needs. The symbols on the keyboard are compatible with all popular software, including SMS, Gmail, Whatsapp… The most important thing is GO Keyboard Dev Team always listens to you and let them know!

3. Emoji TouchPal Keyboard
Emoji TouchPal Keyboard is a free keyboard for Android devices, helping you type faster 800 emoji icons, expressive images, smileys and symbols conveniently, supporting customizable keyboard interfaces and much more. The most amazing feature of TouchPal is the prediction technology. Users will type faster when using TouchPal and see that this app learns very quickly as well.

4. SwiftKey Keyboard
SwiftKey Keyboard is rated as the fastest, most accurate keyboard by a lot of users as well as experts, thanks to its unique text prediction algorithm; instead of editing what you type, SwiftKey will predict the next word. It will constantly study the forms, styles and vocabularies of users and community trends. SwiftKey has some attractive features as customizable interface, cloud synchronization of user dictionary to apply on multiple different devices and typing by gesture. Due to learning from your typing, SwiftKey will take up a few days to acclimatize before promoting its best advantages.

5. Google Keyboard
Google Keyboard helps enter gesture, voice quickly and easily. Surfing through the letters with gesture input feature to import words - just lift your finger to end a word and gesture again, without the spacebar. You can compose text while moving with voice input feature. When you cannot find the right words, express yourself by using appropriate emoticons.

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