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Yoga – the miracle art to balance the body outside and the soul inside

Yoga, originated from India, is an ancient art for treatment and now flourishing in many parts of the world. Yoga includes series of physical exercise to help people heal pain, relieve symptoms of diseases and release stress in a natural way. Moreover, the practice of yoga is considered to be regular workout to keep fit and preserve youth as well.

Yoga and health benefits

It is noteworthy that yoga is not a plastic surgery. In other words, the practice of yoga could not bring out the desired beauty just in a few days. Perfect harmony of the soul and the body inside definitely is the result of yoga practice. However, the practice of yoga requires people’s persistence and beliefs in their hearts to gain expected achievement. The most important benefit of yoga practice is to strengthen health inside and then preserve the beauty and youth in long term.

Yoga practice plays an important role in preserving beauty and forming body shape. In yoga practice, the amount of excess energy of overweight people would gradually lessen without feeling hungry or having strong desire for foods. Moreover, they may abstain from unhealthy foods, control the habit of eating too much and even give up the gluttony. In contrast, skinny people would be in need of more energy for their bodies after achieving the balance inside. Above information explains why yoga practice benefits both of obese people and thin people. People taking up a yoga class could adjust yoga practice themselves to fit in their physical condition to fit the body.

Furthermore, the practice of yoga enables to support the endocrine system in regulating processes inside the body and removing unnecessary materials as well as toxins. This would either make you stronger or improve spiritual lifestyle at the same time. For example, your mind is remarkably refreshed after the practice of yoga so you would enjoy a better sleep, which is beneficial to help the body repair and regain energy at night. In addition, your skin possibly becoming glowing and smooth without acnes and dark circles under eyes. Therefore, while preserving a healthy life, you could feel well-being inside the soul.

Researchers showed that practicing Hatha yoga habitually would develop functions of the brain and enhance concentration capability in working and studying. In a research conducted by Illinois University, performance in brainpower-related tests among participants practicing yoga in 20 minutes per day is better than that of those do aerobics.


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