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Useful knowledge for parents to protect children’s eyes from myopia

It is likely that short-sightedness is one of common diseases among children, especially in the digital age. The medical condition does not have enormous effects on children’s health but leads to difficulties in studies and daily activities because of inability to see things clearly. Therefore, early identification of myopia would help children have supporting treatment to reduce the serious symptoms of the disease and assist children to play safely. However, at first parents should prepare themselves some basic information about short sight such as causes, signals and prevention and then give proper guides to kids.


Parents play an important role to help children protect their eyes from short sight

What is myopia?

Myopia is a medical condition of eyes in which the victim enables to see objects far away from them well.

Causes and symptoms of myopia

· Family background: Myopia is also considered to be one of the inherited diseases. If children have their mothers or fathers have nearsightedness. Scientifically, the rate of myopia inherited from parents to children is reported to be up to100%.

· Birth defect: Babies being born before mothers had completed 36-week pregnancy or children having low birth weight when they were born might be victims of myopia. These children would probably have poor sight from early stage, for example in their childhood

· Lack of sleep: Sleep deprivation is one of the reasons causing nearsightedness at an early stage.

· Children read books in weak light space or keep wrong postures in visual activities.

· Children spend too much time on TVs or smart phone’s screen.

Symptoms of short sight

· Impossibly see everything located over 1 meter far away.

· Suffer from headache because of eyestrain frequently.

· Sit in front of TV closely while watching

· Usually strain, blink eyes and rub them because weak adjusting capability of eyes.

· Keep a close distance to a book, have troubles in reading because children do not see words clearly.

· Have to copy a friend’s handwritings and do not see letters on the board.

· Have poor performance of vision-related activities such as drawing, reading or playing badminton

There is still no treatment for short sight at the present. The best way to prevent or slow down the process of the disease is to assure their children have good habits of taking care eyes. Parents should let children play sports outdoor, go on a picnic or hangout frequently, which will helps children’s eyes relax and rest.

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