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U.S. government wants to turn into the public cloud, but it needs more transparence

According to the FBI’s chief information security officer- Arlette Hart, the federal government is making every effort to move more into the cloud, she also added that the lack of transparency of service provider is harming adoption.

There was a big piece of cloud which is the 'trust me' model of cloud computing according to her opinion during an on-stage interview at the Structure conference in San Francisco last week.

That is really a tough sell for many organizations such as the federal government which have to worry about protecting confidential and important data.

Although Ms. Hart stated that the federal government would like to achieve high value in the public cloud infrastructure, its desire in moving to public cloud infrastructure has to be also closely associated with a need of safer security. 

Actually, there are many major providers such as Amazon or Microsoft. These major providers can offer tools which can fulfill the U.S. government's regulations. But not every cloud provider is set up along those lines. Through Hart's opinion, cloud providers really need to be much more transparent about what they do with security policies so that the government and many other customers can verify that their practices are sufficient for protecting confidential and important data. 

Some companies which have already experienced security breaches in the cloud could be concerned much about monetary losses as the result of a breach. However, Hart has pointed out that the federal government is not really concerned about money as much as it is concerned about securing data which can literally be a matter of national security. This has already proved to be somewhat of a difficulty and challenge because the government are trying to turn from an on-premises infrastructure into more cloud workloads.

Although it is completely possible to move workloads from a private data centre to a public cloud, this implementation means changing some expectations of how the data's security perimeter looks like and what an agency has control over like the FBI.  When it mentions other companies' security, Arlette Hart has another tip. She recommends that businesses fulfill with their local FBI agents as a part of their incident response planning. This may seem like overkill. However, having a relationship with the FBI before an unexpected problem arises should be very helpful when something goes wrong.


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