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Side effect of sudden weight loss

You are overweight? You want to get thinner soon? Nevertheless, you consider carefully before follow a low energy diet to lose weight because of its potential side effects on your health.

You should follow a safe plan of weight loss to avoid unexpected impacts

Going on a fast is an incorrect way to lose weight because this would cause deficiency of nutrition and disorders as well. Moreover, fasting for a long time enables to result in loss of appetite, exhaustion, heart failure, respiratory distress and even death. In fact, it is reported that many young girls lose their lives because of sudden impulse to own perfect body measurements. Abuse of weight loss drugs such as weight loss pills or drinking vinegar is certainly not effective and safe method. In addition, consumers should not be convinced by attractive advertisements and persuasive slogans. For example, the advertisement stated that perfect body measurement like a super model within a few days.

Scientists warned that the limit of safe weight loss should be under 10% of the  body weight within a month and less than 1kg per week. Taking off weight dramatically possibly damage the body and lead to unexpected consequence to people’s health in long term.

A recent study at Harvard University pointed out that 93 to 97% amount of fat in the body was white fat found around the stomach, waist and calves and wais. Therefore, weight loss is actually to cut white fat supplying the enormous energy reserve in the body.

To reduce white fat and control weight gain, people losing weight should achieve a balance of 3 elements including reasonable supplement of nutrition, sport activities and intake of biological substances originated from nature. The combination of 3 methods should be conducted constantly and persistently to reach expected results.  .

Reasonable supply of nutrition is an equivalence of energy containing in input and output. This principle does not force people to strictly abstain from foods. However, people should not eat much whatever they want at the same time. It is ideal to keep 1.400 to 1.600 kcal per day if you have to work or participate in physical activities. Besides, the increase in green vegetables and fruits instead of fast foods, cakes, animal fat, alcohol drinks would effectively control body weight and minimize accumulation of cholesterols. Cutting some glasses of beer, 1 to 2 slices of bread or fried chicken every day could really help overweight people to reduce their weight.

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