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2 inexpensive ways you can apply to treat the flu

Erratic weather makes you very vulnerable to the flu. So, please pocket the following tips for treating flu effectively and safely.

Tips for treating flu

Treating flu with grapefruit peel and leaves

The outer shell of grapefruit has essential oils spicy, bitter, sweet, warm, effective for treating cough. Can treat flu with leaves of fresh grapefruit combined with some aromatic leaves as lime leaves, lemon grass leaves, basil.

If productive cough, get grapefruit peel shaved away the outside, cut into pieces, cook in boiling water for a moment and squeeze water, soak in sugar a week. Get soaked water and gradually swallow. Use instantly 5 days helps remission.

Treating flu by onion soup

This is a dish with strong antiseptic properties helping effectively treat the flu. Onion is also an anti-pregnancy drug (Taking 60g spring onions, heating along with a bowl of water, removing residues and drinking).

You can cook white rice porridge with glutinous rice then cut scallions to move into, stir until feel eating undercooked, then take out. The hot food for sweating out will be very relieved. Furthermore you can combine onion leaves with perilla, helping to treat flu very effectively.

Flu prevention

Good nutrition: Please increase the varieties of vegetables and fruits, especially garlic and garlic preparations, and some foods such as rice, wheat, walnuts... which contain minerals Selenium, vitamin C...

Drink plenty of water: On the advice of the experts, when getting ill you should drink plenty of fluids (filtrated water, juice, porridge, soup ...), especially warm water. This will help unfreeze the uncomfortable blocked nose.

Wash hands frequently: When you get sick, the function of the immune system is severely weakened, so this will help to prevent the new virus from entering the body. Always remember to wash your hands thoroughly before and after handling food, even when not ill.

Salt water gargle: Gargle with salt water several times a day can help treat sore throats, as well as prevent infection from arising. Use warm water and can add a bit of turmeric extract to add anti-inflammatory effects.

Additional vitamin C: Take supplements of vitamin C to the body as much as possible when the immune system is weakened. Although citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons contain more this kind of vitamins, when getting sick you probably will not want to eat anything. Thus, supplements are the best choice.

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