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3 habits in the evening help you live longer

Massage the scalp and hair

Hair and scalp massage is extremely simple and does not take much of your time. Just 5 minutes each evening is that you will hold secret of healthy living extremely helpful. Every night, before going to bed, use 2 hands to stroke your hair back then reverse massage the scalp gently.

If possible, you can use special oils. Massage about 2-3 minutes you will feel the scalp gradually is warming, headaches and fatigue also diminish.

Massage scalp will help better blood circulation in the brain, thus improving memory, neurological health, limiting and reversing the headaches. Not only that, it also helps to protect the hair and reduce hair loss extremely effectively.

Gentle body movement and extreme relaxation

After a day of work stress and fatigue, walking at night helps your body gently exercise and mind is more relaxed, more comfortable. If you are tired, pick yourself up and walk around the street near the house, preferably where there are many trees and lakes. The airy open spaces help you feel a natural flow of power, eliminating all feelings of fatigue and stress.

You should walk for 30-60 minutes every night. This is a very gentle activity helping you feel serene, optimistic and reduce stress.


Soles of the feet are like the gateway to the body. Therefore, if the unit is cold, the body will be certainly cold. Conversely, if the feet are kept warm, the body also avoids air penetration. To take good care of the "gateway of the body", implicit foot is considered an extremely effective method.

When doing this, usually we will prepare a basin of hot water and drop foot. This simple form of work helps clearing the meridians, retreats and sedation. But few of us know that, just to add to the water a number of components, the use of the pedicure can be doubled.

The first: Add salt to the water

Our shoes can easily become a place for bacteria and be the cause of bad foot, and many other conditions. Brine has bactericidal effect, helps clean legs, causing the body refreshed, relaxed.

Besides, salt contains many trace elements. Thus, this pedicure works to dispel fatigue, makes nerve relaxed, retreats as sedation. This is the best way to relax after a tiring day of work.

The second way: Use oil pedicure

Essential oils containing "plant hormones" can condition the effects of the body's energy. Therefore, the use of oil pedicure is also a nourishing efficiency measures.

While saline only has a certain number of uses, essential oils through the number and variety of species, should also own rich effects.

Two best oils can include the lavender essential oil and lemon essential oil.

Cool fragrance of lavender has sedative effect, reduces fatigue, relieves pain, treats sprains, arthritis... Aside from the effects on morale, lavender essential oil is also very effective in preventing skin dryness.

Lemon essential oil has antimicrobial effects, reduces heat and pain. At the same time, this type of essential oil also contains high level of vitamin C making the skin smooth and bright.

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