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Have you ever intended to take a vacation in Las Vegas, the city famous not only in the US but also all over the world with the title “Sin City of America”? If you have the opportunity to visit this city, you should try several days experiencing in these following hotels. All are the greatest hotels with very splendid and monumental designs according to numerous tourists’ feeling and reviews.

1. Bellagio Hotel
This luxury hotel located on the Las Vegas strip will make you overwhelmed with the name named after a small town near the beautiful lake of Italy. Correspondingly, Bellagio Hotel has a sophisticated atmosphere with Italia’s specifically classic style. With Italian style lush botanical gardens, art galleries, elegant rooms and marble bathrooms designed by top designers, this hotel itself is already an extremely ideal destination for lots of people. Do not worry if you do not have the ability to pay since the price is too expensive, just standing outside the hotel you can also enjoy featured music performances at the fountains, especially the Bellagio fountain with famous free performances of 15 minutes / once daily from 19:00.
2. Artisan Hotel
If the hotels with the bustling and fascinating casinos do not make you excited, then Artisan will be a very different hotel for you. This hotel is impressive by the interior decorated sophisticatedly, meticulously with red velvet as the main color, beautifully sparkling light and gilded statue. Besides, you may have the opportunity to contemplate perfect reproductions of famous works of the artist as: Cezannes, Chagalls, Rembrandts and Van Goghs,… hung on the walls, even the ceiling of hotel (in the very special corners). In addition, the space outside the hotel with European style will surely make you praise and interested.
3. Luxor Hotel
Referring to Luxor Hotel, almost all people will think about Pyramids of Egypt, and indeed so, this hotel was built according to the shape of the pyramids - a giant replica of the Great Sphinx in Egypt, with more than 30 black glass floors and especially the lobby of this hotel is known as one of the largest of the world. Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas has all 4,408 rooms. Here, each room is designed with interior representing the pyramids, in which the most special feature is the giant Pharaoh statue made as highlight for the hotel lobbies and a large pool in the upper.

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