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Creativity, knowing to admit mistakes, doing as saying... are some of the qualities required if you want to be an excellent staff.

The best way you can do to find a new job better than your current job is to be a good employee that the company never want to lose. Whether you have a stable job, part- time or full-time job, or just a volunteer are looking for job opportunities, keep in mind the following tips to become an excellent staff:
1. Express your creativity
Nothing surprising when this criteria are taken up first. Naturally, we want to work with those who raise their hands to express their ideas to solve problems.
In these important meetings, do not take the time to look around the room with the hope that someone will take the new project. When you stand up and accept the task, you will get the support of your boss and colleagues, also gain the opportunity to enhance credibility in the eyes of people.
2. Knowing to admit the mistakes
It's pleasing when somebody says, "I just committed a mistake. Let me fix that mistake”. Unfortunately, many people in the work environment often like to blame others or hide the mistakes until people forget them. Those staff are easy to become victims of gossip in the workplace. This leads to difficulties in finding a new job.
Of course, it is better if we do not commit many mistakes, but if you make a mistake, you can get "bonus" points when you take responsibility for that faults.  Finding the solutions to solve it is a necessary after admit the mistakes.
3. Learning new things
If you have worked for many years but now you take no further study or attend training courses, you will be lag behind the less experienced colleagues.
Suppose that you want to find a new job, or it's time to open your own company but you realize that you lack of many skills required.
The best staff are always looking for opportunities to learn new things, even if they are busy with everyday tasks. This is a challenge, but it makes the difference between a good staff and an excellent staff
4. Willing to work
If you need to win the first hour of the day to check social networks and update the status on Facebook, please do it before entering the office.
When you are in office, you should be ready to work. You will destroy your reputation if not starting workday with colleagues

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