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According to health expects, to gain weight effectively, the best way is to supply more foods with rich nutrient, high quality, and necessary vitamins for the body. If you get enough essential nutrition, you will surely gain weight as desired.

Here are the top 5 foods to help you gain weight quickly. So, try to add these foods to your daily diet to get a perfect and healthy body as expected in a short time.
1. Lean meats
To gain weight and develop muscles effectively, you should add more lean meat in your meal. This food contains more calories and protein which are conducive to weight gain as well as developing the muscles.
Some types of lean meats that you should add to the weight gain menu include chicken, pork, beef and lamb. Besides, you can also change the way processing the food to diversify the meals.
2. Eggs
Egg is considered as a good material supporting weight gain effectively for the thin. You can eat one omelette for breakfast every day and you will find remarkably effective in about 1 month of implementation.
The reason that eggs can help you gain weight quickly is that it has more protein, vitamins A, D and E, especially good cholesterol for the body.
3. Grains
Whole grains are also included in the list of foods that help gain weight because it has more rushing nutrients, especially carbohydrates.
Grains such as barley and bread contain many calories, supporting weight gain effectively. You can eat these foods in the morning, snacks or before the bedtime in the evening.
4. Milk
2 or 3 cups of milk per day is suggested for thin people who want to gain weight quickly. Milk has more calcium, carbohydrates, protein and calories which are very beneficial for your weight gain process. You can drink 1 cup of milk in the morning and another in the evening.
5. Bananas
Bananas contain a large amount of calories, 1 banana has about 27gram of carbohydrate, 14gram of sugar which help you gain weight in a healthy way.
You can eat ripe bananas, banana smoothies or banana salad with milk. They are all beneficial for your weight gain. Besides, you should also often play sports or do exercise to stimulate eating and sleeping; have a healthy lifestyle and in particular, limit stimulants, alcohol and cigarettes.

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