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Time is money. This statement seems more accurate to modern humans. To save time and create more time to relax, we have no better choice than working faster and more smartly. Some secrets are suggested below will help you do that. 

Save time for email
At work, you always work with hundreds of emails. So, how do you use the time prepare and control your emails? One hour, two hours, or three hours per day?
To save time for yourself, keep in mind the principle of "convenient email". You should consider which emails you need to answer, which email is not important.
Statistics indicate that only about 10-20% in all emails is really important and need you to pay attention. Even if this number is up to 50%, you still need to remove the remaining 50%. You can use mail filters to quickly identify what important emails are and what unnecessary emails are. Also, you can suggest your friends not putting you on a list to receive unnecessary advertising or marketing email.
Limit the time spent watching TV
One other time consuming habits is watching TV. This is really a difficult habit to quit. But if you can do it, you can save plenty of time. Unless you're on vacation, turn off the TV. Do not think of the tabloid news. This will help you work more efficiently. Try turning off the TV in a week and you will feel this clearly. Make a list of things you want to do during the time saved when you do not watch TV. You can go jogging, play sports or go shopping. They will bring you happiness and make you relax. You should sometimes go to the park to enjoy the fresh air and do some exercise to keep fit.
Make a list of daily tasks
To save your time effectively, make a list of tasks you need to do from the evening of the previous day. When you are asleep, the brain will work to arrange effective order for the next day's work. So when you list the things for the next day, the agency will indicate how to accomplish a task successfully.
You have intelligence and experience for your job. But you should save time by working smartly and faster. This is a perfect additional secret for you to achieve more success and improve your quality of life.

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