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The difficulties of cloud computing systems

We all know about the benefits that cloud computing can bring you as well as your company. But the fact that many people are still far away with this modern technology. This is because there are some difficulties for cloud computing systems to be accessed everywhere.

If you want to use cloud computing, you MUST have the devices that can connect to the internet. This is a compulsory condition for the users to use cloud computing. So the difficulties that involve internet will cause the difficulties of accessing cloud computing system. 

The technological barriers

Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN) are the two main factors that cause barriers to the development of cloud data system. In WLAN, the limitation is the security. The users can lose data or the data is not secured in a WLAN. Besides, the using of internet with low speed can reduce the operating performance.

The activity scope of WLAN is only about 20 - 30 meters. If you want to extend the scope, you will have to buy additional equipment, this is quite expensive and time consuming. Moreover, the transfer speed of WLAN is very low: from 1 to 125 Mb. Meanwhile, the speed of Fiber Channel is 100 Mb or more.

Wide area network WAN has larger scope. It is a collection of LAN, MAN via multiple connection methods. However this networks system has low bandwidth, so it will be easily disconnected to the internet. This network is only suitable for small operations such as mails, webs,… Cloud Computing require the stable and continuous connection, so this will be difficult for organization if they still use LAN, WAN or WLAN for accessing internet.

Limitations of Virtualization

Nowadays, virtualization is used more and more to maximize the advantage of computing resources, but there are some questions about whether we are right when trying to use virtual machine (VM) in unnecessary situations.

We tend to forget the fact that, although we can use many virtual systems, we still need the physical infrastructure system. In cloud computing, we care about the application and the contents that are stored in a “cloud”. The virtualization network is set up in a combination of several systems, and in the cloud computing system, the suppliers provide virtual servers for users to use remotely. This can lead to the heterogeneity. Sometimes the Virtual machine will not match the virtual network system.

Above are two reasons why we do not too rely on cloud computing system. Although it is the latest and the most modern internet application, cloud computing surely has its own limitation in using. So try to become a smart user and choose your right way to save your data for your work.

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