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Green tea: A beauty secret of Miranda Kerr

Green tea is known for numerous of beauty benefits and therefore it has become a vital part in beauty routine of many women, including Miranda Kerr. However, in the secret revealed by the former Victoria’s Secret Angel, green tea is not used as a drink but an ingredient to create a steam bath.

Kerr shares her beauty tricks on the website of her product range KORA Organics, and through a blog named “The DIY deep double cleanse facial”, she explains carefully the secret to keeping the skin glowing. First, she uses a regular cleanser to get rid of the dirt and makeup on the face. Then, to help the skin get ready for the steam bath, she uses an exfoliating cleanser so that all the matters from pores are removed. When she finishes with the double cleanse, she puts an organic green tea bag into boiling water and lets the steam cover her face thoroughly in a few minutes. The 32-year-old model does this every week and feels that it is a “pampering ritual”. She states that the results are immediate and it enables her to go “make up free for the weekend”.

According to Alexandra Matkevich, a skincare expert from the Randwick ENT Clinic, green tea contains an antioxidant compound named EGCG. EGCG is proved to be a useful substance to fight ageing and prevent some skin diseases like acne and inflammation. As a result, green tea is used more frequently in cosmetic products, especially those which have anti-ageing effects such as eye coolers and facial masks. The antioxidant in green tea can help the skin relax and reduce the damage of the sunlight.

When you use green tea in a steam bath like Miranda Kerr, the antioxidants can get straight into your facial pores and help to detoxify and hydrate your skin. The method is also beneficial because it can get rid of all dirt and dead skin cells left, increase blood flow and soothe the skin.

It is not a surprise that women are eager to take advantage of green tea’s natural benefits in many ways. Matkevich also mentions a trendy beauty trick involving the use of it – green tea ice cubes. However, she is not sure that it is a good way because extreme temperature can be harmful to the skin.

And back to Miranda Kerr and her beauty secrets, there are some more tricks that you can steal to maintain your health. For example, Kerr reveals that she drinks dandelion instead of coffee because the taste is rather similar but dandelion has impressive cleansing and detoxifying effects. Also, she prefers goat’s milk to cow’s milk as the calcium from the former can be absorbed more easily. And to sweeten food, she says that maple syrup is a better choice than honey because honey can be heated.

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