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Have you ever wonder what your skin is doing while you sleep?

People say that the sleep is a natural therapy for each individual. When you sleep, not only your body, but also your mind and even your skin is regenerated.

According to Dr. Dennis Gross, a NYC-based dermatologist and founder of Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare, the skin is in different modes from day to night. "During the day, skin is in a protective state, warding off elements such as sun damage or oxidation, and at night, your immune system is functioning at its maximum capacity and your skin is going into repair mode, regenerating new skin cells and cycling oxygen and nutrients", he explains. He also says that from 11 PM to midnight, the skin's cell mitosis process still happens and peaks whether people are wake or not. However, he believes that the best way to regain one's healthy skin is to have a sleep routine and stick to it for the same hours each night.

By stating the skin's various processes from day to night, Gross indicates the necessity of providing different AM-and-PM-targeted products to fit the  needs of the skin. Meaning, during the daytime, your skin needs such ingredients as antioxidants, SPF, hyaluronic acid to protect it from external factors like the sun, temperature and pollution. While in the nighttime, your skin might require some treatments like vitamin C, retinol, niacinamide to "fix" any damage posed by these abovementioned factors and regenerate itself.

Additionally, Dr. Dennis Gross recommend that people should combine both alpha and beta hydroxy acids daily to prepare for the " prime cell mitosis hour". Gross says: "They work with different mechanisms to remove the top layer of skin. Beta hydroxy acids break down the bridges/bonds between the cells, while alpha hydroxy acids cause the cells themselves to detach/release. The PH flux, or neutralizing step, is so important because it brings the skin back to normal. It's the blend of these two acids that I've found to be most effective and gentle."

In short, to nourish the skin, you have to know which product your skin need in the daytime and nighttime and to maintain a good living habit, especial sleep routine.

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