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NQ Mobile Security is designed to protect Android devices against viruses, malware, and keep the system always runs at optimum speed.


The strongest point of NQ mobile Security is ability to scan and remove based on scanning cloud engine + on phone and real-time protection. The update virus database is regularly provided to ensure that the device is protected with the latest threats. Anti-lost feature is also provided to detect the position of phone, protect data when losing phone. 


Scanning, detecting and removing kinds of virus with scanning engine technology.  Also, providing multiple scanning options: Scan using one-click buttons, full scan, scheduled scan, real -time protection). Browser Protection feature is also provided to ensure that malicious websites are blocked, the URL in the message will be checked before they are opened.

Network Manager

Users usually access the data which exceeds the monthly subscription data, and pay for bill being higher than expected.

With this new feature, using data information is displayed in real time on your device.  You can know how to use the available maximum data set.

You can track data connections daily, monthly, and applications are connected with network.

Contacts Backup

NQ Mobile Security supports phonebook backup to memory card or to NetQin server, and you can restore it easily & quickly.

This feature allows users to recover the entire list of contacts on the device or another device, be sure that when you lose your phone, it does not mean losing all your saved contacts in it. NeQin support this feature in the Mobile Security application or Mobile Anti-Virus for OS: Android, Nokia / Symbian, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, and Contacts Sync for iOS.


Anti-lost function operates like the remote control feature, which provides protection for the risk of personal information and finance leaks.

Anti- lost allows users to locate the lost device, turn on the sirens, and detect its exact location (via GPS or Cellid network).

When the mobile card is changed, a notification message will be sent to the factory a notification to tell you the new card.

If users cannot retrieve the phone, the content on it can be removed entirely through simple commands sent by text messages from another phone.

The function features of NQ Mobile Security impressed with people who usually use smart phones. Your phone is always safe.

NQ Mobile Security is the best solution for your phones.

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