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Moisturizer: Day and Night

Girls and women always apply so many skincare products with different functions. Because the skin types vary and so does its structures, there are different moisturizers which have various functions and are used in specific time of the day. However, a lot of people may not really know about what the skin is doing while they are sleeping and not sleeping. If the skin works in the night exactly the same way as it does in the morning, why do we have to treat our skin differently from day to night? This is remaining as a big question among skincare products’ users due to the costs arisen when we have to purchase both day cream and night cream products instead of buying only one. So, this article is going to point out the differences between Day Cream and Night Cream so that you can answer the question “Do you really need both day and night moisturizer?” by your own.


Generally, both day and night cream have a lot of same functions such as: moisturizing, brightening, preventing ages, etc. However, there are some major features that distinguish day from night moisturizers. First, daytime cream contains SPF to protect your skin from sun rays so it can help us to prevent burning, dark spots and slowdown aging process. Moreover, day cream tends to be designed as a basic base under all makeup layers; therefore, it has to be light, extremely thin and absorb quickly. 

In opposite, night moisturizer is often applied before bedtimes when the skin is going into relax mode, self-repairing and regenerating new skin cells. Thus, night cream does not have any SPF but mainly focuses on moisture and recovery function. It means that night cream basically has more essences that need a few hours to be absorbed. Due to the difference in purposes, it is often richer, thicker and heavier than day cream. 

According to some beauty specialists’ advices, you should not use night cream for daytime and day cream for bedtime due to its differences in purposes and textures. SPF is proved not being good for regenerating new skin cells while the thick, heavy texture of night cream is not suitable for makeup. If you had to choose only one product, find moisturizer for all day uses with texture is balancing with neither too much heavier nor thicker. 

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