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Learn to safeguard your Android cellphone against online threats

According to the article, anti-virus softwares do not have many effective impacts for your Android-powered cell phones. Therefore, it is necessary for Android users to learn how to shield themselves and their own devices against internet threats.

You should download essential applications from only Google Play being available on your smartphone, but make sparing products from other websites and sources. It is believed that almost all virulent applications, games and other content from unofficial sources other than the Google Play Store. Google Play is the most authentic Android Market, which was designed by Google allowing users to download Android applications into your devices. Especially, users are also advised to limit access to unauthorized app stores, unsafe websites and hazardous links. Although not all application sources let your device be in security threats, you need to learn about origin of these sites before downloading favorite applications. Furthermore, cheap games are predominantly fake products, hence the importance of selecting safely expediential games for your Android cell phones. Consequently, to download useful applications from Google Play Store is the best solution for your smartphones' security.  

When you select a new Android smartphone in reliable stores, you will have opportunities to receive expert advice from staffs to select the best device. Professionals always recommend you to purchase cell phones which enable you to often update security settings, like Google’s Nexus product line. Google gives priority of update to Nexus smartphones, because these are sample Android models for manufacturers. Thus, it is necessary for you to select an advised phones if you want to achieve the best data security.

Currently, social network websites have been becoming popular around the world. People use Facebook, Viber, Tweeter, E-mail … to make friends, chat, read news and more. However, in addition to authentic purposes, a large number of users take advantage of these forums to advertise their products or even post wrong pictures and videos. These posts take you to a or some websites which may contain threats for your devices. Besides that, hackers also use virtual nicks to send you friendly messages attached with virulent links. If you click on these links, your smartphone will definitely be attacked by viruses. Thus, you should not save social accounts’ passwords on your devices and also should be sparing with messages from strange nicks.

In a nutshell, almost all Android phones are not always shield against online threats so you should learn essential basic measures to enrich the mobile security for your devices. 

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