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5 Best smartphone app for learning foreign languages

 Google Play Store has many language learning apps with different quality and efficiency levels but all you really need to learn foreign languages ​​are a few good software to help you learn from A to Z, from basic to advance. The following are the best apps to help you improve your foreign language skills.


No foreign language students can skip Duolingo, an ideal app for learning language. Duolingo has a nice and clear interface, grammatical exercises, games, statistics and reminders to help you track the learning process and the functions that you can study together with friends. If you complete the exercises and cultivate your language skills, you will quickly master a new language with Duolingo.

Google Translate

It is surprising that Google translate is not located right on your home screen interface. It is ultra-rapid and useful software, helping you not only translate words or sentences but also download other languages ​​to use offline. This means you do not need a wireless connection or any other database, Google translate will help you learn foreign language anywhere and anytime.


Biscuit is an app in memo form. It will help you create a list of words you feel difficult to memorize. You can leave this software running continuously, so whenever you come across a word you do not know from the website, newspaper, or a message, you will only need to look up the meaning of the word and put it into your list. Biscuit will display a small message every day to help you remember and practice the above words.

Unblock Your Brain

What will you do if you want to learn a foreign language every time you unlock your phone? You should know many smartphone users open the phone 9 times per hour. Unblock Your Brain helps you learn a foreign language by giving you a new word to learn each time you open your phone. If you are in a hurry or in need of entertainment then you can ignore it, but if you have time or want to study, you can learn vocabulary and require the app to “pronounce” the word for you. If you work hard whenever you open your phone, you will find your vocabulary much richer than just sit around and try to “cram” every word in your head.


For language learners, a dictionary is very necessary material. Dictionary is also an excellent app like Google Translate, it will provide definitions, forms and contexts of the word. You can download Oxford or Collins dictionaries from Play Store or other dictionaries. These dictionaries support many different languages, depending on your needs. Remember that the dictionary you use does not matter, as long as you diligently check the dictionary, it will help your vocabulary improve significantly.

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