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HP adds a colorful new 14-inch Chromebook at the end of 2015. Chromebooks running Google’s Chrome OS have always been appreciated by good performance, high speed and extremely affordable price. Therefore, the Chromebook’s market is increasingly heated by the appearance of many strong vendors, one of which is HP.

If compared to the $440 touchscreen model launched last December, HP’s Chromebook 14 appearance isn’t interesting, but in fact this year’s Chromebook is paid more public attention due to nice and cheaper price. In particular, the starting price of this new model is $250, dropping $50 off the price tag compared to 2014’s price of $300.

HP’s new Chromebooks dump the 2014 model’s Tegra K1 processor for Intel’s 2.16Ghz dual-core Celeron N2840. In addition, HP also improves the battery life of Chromebook 14, promising at 9.25 hours, increasing 1hour and 25 minutes as last year.  The rest of the specifications remain relatively unchanged from last year. You will have a 14-inch 1366-by-768 IPS display, 2GB RAM, 16GB of onboard storage, a microSD slot, one USB 3.0 port, two USB 2.0 ports, an HDMI connection, and a headphone jack.

This year’s Chromebook model gives you 3 colours, called "Sky Blue," and it is the combination of a soft blue interior and accents with a white lid. The year before that, HP introduced four different colours to customers.

Another exciting experience for Chromebook 14’s users is that if you want your life more exciting, you can pay additional $280 for a full HD 1080p version and HP also applies an IPS panel (in-plane switching) to prevent the image from looking faded at side angles. This price is regared quite resonable for new resolution.

Besides, Chromebook 14’s users still receive the Google’s usual promotion. If purchasing Chromebook 14, the total valuable extra of customers will combine: two-year 100GB Google Drive account, 12 free Gogo in- air Internet passes for U.S home flights, 3 free movie rental on Google Play and 90 free using  days of Google Play music. If you're a frequent flyer, that could make the laptop practically pay for itself.

The new Chromebooks are expected to be available to customers on Sunday, November, 8

HP also announces a version of this Chromebook for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMB) and education customers, called the Chromebook 14 G4 (starting price at $ 279). This version will support VPN; Citrix Receiver 1.8 for Chrome, G4 version of Chromebook 14 also comes with a greater choice of storage (up to 32GB). HP expects G4 to be sold to institutional buyers in October, 2015.

With this Chromebook model, HP is attempting to build a brand of low-cost computer, thanks to an increasing reliance on cloud-based tools, from email to video streaming to collaborative office applications. However, it still remains some disadvantages such as: weak capacity to install and run many Window software applications.

But, if you don’t want to spend much on a computer with attractive online access, HP’s Chromebook is the best decision.

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