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A busy life seems to become a part of our lives in recent years. We have to work more than 8 hours per day, take care our children every night, go on business trips every weekend and that stuffs prevent us from going to the gym, the spa or beauty clinic. Therefore, if you were a busy type of person or you wanted to travel light, here are the five basic beauty products that you should take with you.

1. Start with a Brush

Cleansing is the first step in everyone skin care routine to make sure you have a healthy and better skin and a cleansing facial brush is the best way to do this. It will gently exfoliate, clear the pores and remove dead skin cells. Despite its high price, a facial cleansing device is totally worthy. It cleanses 10 times better than hands do. A facial brush can be used for face and neck to remove that top dirty layer to improve skin tone. In the nutshell, facial brushes could produce fresh, young skin in the most affordable and natural way possible.

2. Weekly Face Mask

When your skin looks dull or washed out, a face mask is the perfect pick-me-up. One of the main benefits of facial mask is that they offer various benefits in one easy application. You can use a face mask to clarify, moisturize, cleanse or lighten your skin. Moreover, using face mask after a whole working day which is full of stress and tiredness is a great way to relax and pamper your skin.

3. Daily Serum

Go for a multi-tasking vitamin C cream — it will tackle wrinkles and hyperpigmentation and will plump up the skin. Daily Serum’s advantages are talked and recognized in the press. While moisturizers or cleansers just contain about 10 percent of active ingredients, serums can contain up to 70 percent. It means that after a short time using serum as an essential part of your skin care routine, you can easily see the results what you have looked for.   

4. A Good Eye Cream

Target the eye area's unique concerns of wrinkles, crepey skin and dark circles with an eye cream that works well on you. Your skin around eyes is quite thinner compared to others so it is also more sensitive and easy to be aged. Plus, there are minimal oil glands around your eyes to keep the skin naturally hydrated, so finding the right eye cream can dispel these concerns.

5. End Up with a Night Cream  

Night is the time for our skin to relax, breathe and self-recovery. Research has been shown that our skin absorbs active ingredients better at night time than it does during the day. So the night cream will significantly help to renew the face cells, prevent the tissues from being damaged, supplie moisture to the dry parts of your face and make your skin soft and supple. Before applying night cream, remember to wash your face and follow an upward, circular direction to massage the cream on to your skin.

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