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It is impossible to create genuine dimples. True dimples are the result of a genetic muscle deficiency and the only way to get them is to be born with them. If you want to imitate the appearance of dimples, there are some exercises and cosmetics tricks you can try. Here are some natural methods if you want to try to create the illusion of dimples.

Method 1 of 3: Exercises of dimples

1- Board your lips and suck your cheeks inward, like you’ve eaten something very sour lemon. Your lips should be slightly in your cheeks and pout partially sucked inward.
Your teeth should not be tight, but your lips must be closed.

Your cheeks are naturally curvearse inward, with the deepest part being between your upper and lower teeth, about midway between the front and back of your mouth.
You can try eating or drinking something sour if you have difficulty imagining the appropriate expression you have to do.

2- Keep the cavities pressed. Locate the area where your cheeks are more pronounced inward. Press this point using your index fingers.
You can also press these points using your thumbs or the rounded end of a pencil if it makes you easier.
Keep your fingers firmly on these points as you prepare to move the mouth.

3- Smile and reposition your fingers as necessary. Gradually, this ends in a big smile, with fingers firmly planted on the same points of your face.

Your fingers should be close to the edge of your smile. The place where your dimples would if you had, but if the position of your fingers looks a little shaky, you can adjust by sliding down your cheeks until the ideal position.

Tap the desired area to form dimples with your fingers or the rounded end of a pencil. For temporary dimpled, loose immediately. Take a picture as desired.
Notes that these dimples are temporary and will disappear as you relax your mouth.
Your smile should be large and with open mouth. Natural dimples appear when someone smiles widely, so your dimples will be only natural if you have a wide smile.

4- Continue to press for 30 minutes or more. Whether you are trying to train your cheeks to form more durable dimples, you need to press these dimples for at least 30 minutes.
The longer your marks pressure dimples, the more chances you will have of you last longer.
Previously, there were devices designed to create dimples applying constant pressure to these points on your face. Since the machines never reached dimples be trademarks, the most you can do is to apply pressure to these areas yourself.

Notes that there is no scientific backing to say that this tactic will work. It is said that it is possible to weaken the muscles in your cheeks enough to be marked even slightly. If this is true or not, we remain in doubt.

5- Repeat daily. Continued dimpled practicing this exercise for 30 minutes a few weeks.
If you pass a month and still not get dimples durable, it may be convenient to leave it alone. Since this technique is not supported scientifically, there is no guarantee it will work with you.

Method 2 of 3: Drilling of dimples

1- Go to a professional. View only qualified to minimize the risk of complications and infections.
Note that most professional piercers are reused, to pierce anyone under 18, even with the permission of the legal guardian.

In addition, many professional piercers do not recommend cheeks pierced at any age. As the ears and nose piercing pass only on skin and cartilage, dimpled perforation passes through the muscle. As a result, there is great risk of nerve damage and other complications.

2- Clean the area thoroughly.The outside of the cheek should be cleaned with antibacterial soap.
Pre-clean is a must to eliminate harmful microorganisms that can cause complications when drilling step.

Maybe you can ask the piercer to rinse your mouth with a mouthwash to minimize the risk of harmful bacteria inside your mouth infected piercing.
It is also likely that the piercing clean the outside of your cheek with a saline solution or alcohol.

3- Make sure the tools are also clean. Needle must be new and sterilized.
The needle may require warming for better sterilization. You should also be very sharp so you can quickly cross the cheek.
The piercer should wash your hands with antibacterial soap. You can also use disposable gloves.
The piece will be inserted into the cheek must also be washed in antibacterial solution.

4- The piercing needle is used to quickly penetrate the skin at the exact point where the dimples were.
Immediately after drilling, you get the part and treat more antibacterial perforated point.

5- Proper care the piercing as you made ​​it. You’ll need to clean the area with saline solution several times a day until the wound heals.
The driller can give you a solution, but you can not, make by adding 1 teaspoon of salt to 250ml of distilled water.

Apply with a cotton saline. Clean the area around the bar gently on the head of this.
Avoid playing with the bar while the wound heals. Touching it can cause bacteria to enter the wound and that drilling will move from the original location.

6- Leave the bar in the drilling of one to three months. This’ll take at least that long for the wound to heal.
The wound needs to heal a bit part before you can remove it. Remove the bar the next day you can make close the wound and your cheek back to normal. Wait at least a month, this will give sufficient time for the wound to heal partially.
As withdraw the bar, your skin will begin the healing process. Until this happens, you have two small holes in your cheeks. Once the skin will heal, you will have two marks resembling dimples.
These are dimples on your cheeks appear if you even are not smiling or have a serious face.

Method 3 of 3: Makeup

1- Smiles widely. Look in a mirror and decided where you want to be your dimples.
When you smile, a few lines out of your mouth are formed. Your dimples should be right outside of these, slightly above the edge of your lips.

Be sure to smile broadly. You’ll have a better idea of ​​where to go if you check your dimples your reflection with a broad smile.

2- Make a small dot with eyeliner. use a dark brown pencil to draw a dot where you want it to go dimple.
The dark brown works best because it can fade skin better. You should avoid black or colored eyeliners.

3-Draw a small moon in your cheek. Relax your mouth. Draw a small slightly curved line beginning at the point you marked.
The line should not be more than 2.5cm below the point. It should be slightly curved.
Use the same eyeliner you used to make the point.

4- Blend and redrawn as necessary. Use your fingers or a difumín to blur the line on your skin, carving up and down and not side to side.
One application may not be enough to make it a marked line, so you’ll probably need to draw it several times and stumping.

5- Smiles to check the result. If the position is not very well, lava and try again.
Note: this works best for temporary dimples for photography. They may look unnatural if you use it in public.

You can also check the option to cosmetic surgery. Although this is not a natural method for dimples, it can be effective.

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