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Tobacco Addiction: Tobacco & Nicotine

 Tobacco is one of the most popularly abused substances over the world.  It is a highly addictive substance.  Despite the fact that tobacco use seems to be on the decline in the US, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that nearly twenty percent of adults still smoke. And nearly 70 percent of smokers want to quit smoking. Nicotine - a main addictive chemical in tobacco causes a rush of adrenaline when it is absorbed in the bloodstream or inhaled through smoking cigarette. Especially, nicotine can trigger an increase in dopamine- a brain’s happy chemical. This can stimulate the area of the brain linked with pleasure and reward.  Like other drugs, using tobacco in a long period time can cause a physical and psychological addiction. This is also a true thing for smokeless forms of tobacco like chewing tobacco or snuff.

Each year, Federal and state governments spend billions against tobacco addiction. Some readers wonders why they spend a lot of money on fighting tobacco addiction. The answer for this question is very easy. It just because smoking costs the country billions every year. According a report, cigarette smoking costs over $193 billion every year in lost productivity and health care costs.

Although tobacco use has declined in nearly ten recent years, it is still one of the most common addictions. A tobacco addiction is much more difficult to hide than other kinds of addictions. Tobacco addiction largely occurs because tobacco is legal. And it can be consumed in public without being arrested by police or appropriate authorities.

Some individuals smoke because it is a social or occasional thing. While others become addicted with tobacco. A tobacco addiction belongs to one of the most difficult addictions to control, in spite of the wealth of available treatment options. Many people realize that even when nicotine cravings have been over, the ritual of smoking can cause a relapse. Nowadays, there are some different treatment options for people who are trying to battle a tobacco addiction such as the patch, nicotine gum, spray or inhaler and medications. Moreover, psychological and behavioral treatments are top of effective method in treating tobacco addiction.  However, in many cases, treatment for tobacco addition needs a combination of many methods. And the treatment methods vary from one person to the next person. Tobacco addiction can be completely managed if we use proper treatment method.

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