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Study says Facebook addiction lead to lack of sleep and asthenic health

Researchers from the University of California, the United States has conducted a study of the direct link between lack of sleep and the use of Facebook. Results showed that those who regularly used Facebook had poor sleep quality, and vice versa.

Lack of sleep leads to the decline of work productivity, accidents and other problems related to all branches from the economy to life.

A previous study from scientists at the University of Pittsburgh said, those who spent the most time on social networks like Facebook tended to have problems with sleep. Research showed that wakeful Facebook users often felt tired and easily distracted.

The scientists focused primarily on groups of students using smartphones. They conducted the sleep survey and checked the mood. The results manifested when fatigue became chronic, human mood would deteriorate because time spent on the technology and equipment was taking up too much lifetime.

Speaking understandable, the fact appearing more and more in human life is lack of sleep, easily being distracted by using Facebook with high frequency. The more this process lasts, the more weakened the body will become. This will lead to more particularly serious risks to health.

It will not be right if attributing Facebook is the root of everything. Because the root of the problem is we are using smartphones too much before bedtime. Many studies have shown the green light emitted from the smartphone screen was one of the leading causes that made people insomnia. Yet there are still many people do not know this information, or even knowing, but cannot abandon old habits.

Above all, the most durable solution still is changing habits and behaviors of each Facebook user, such as not using the phone at least 30 minutes before bedtime.

It is reported that research conducted data collection from 76 students of the University of California, including 34 men and 42 women for 7 days in early 2014. Each computer or smartphone of the students in the survey was associated software and time stamp to record when the object moved to another application window and when they talked, texted on their phone. In addition, they were also asked to fill out a sleep questionnaire on every morning and night.

Those who participated in the survey would fill a general questionnaire and took part in the last interview. Periodically throughout the week, they received questionnaires from the researchers about mood, level of difficulty and level of participation in the work.

The team is planning to present a scientific presentation at a conference held in May.

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